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PRE-DEVELOPMENT MEETINGPrior to beginning any development process in the City, applicants are encouraged to meet with City staff for a conceptual review meeting. This meeting can help promote a smooth approval process once a formal application is submitted. In order to request a conceptual review meeting, please call (616) 754-5645, or reach out via e-mail at

In order to make the best use, the following should be known/available:

  • Location
  • Existing use
  • Intended development (residential, office, retail, manufacturing, and so forth)
  • Preliminary sketches (hand-drawn are sufficient)
  • Surrounding land uses

At the meeting, City staff will cover the following:

  • Review the proposed use for general conformance with existing zoning
  • Provide initial feedback on design (if applicable)
  • Identify the correct process (site plan review, special land use, variance and so forth) and walk the applicant through what to expect
  • Answer any additional questions you may have pertaining to development in Greenville.
The Planning Commission meets the second and fourth Thursday each month at 6:30 pm.
All applications must be submitted at least 30 days before a planning commission meeting.

Planning & Zoning Maps

Visit our maps page where you will find the future land use map and current zoning map.

Building Department

The Greenville Building Department is responsible for administering and enforcing all Building Officials and Code Association (BOCA) and city building codes. Our building inspectors ensure that all structures within the City are constructed safely, and related property is maintained according to minimum code standards. The mission is carried out through the effective enforcement of codes for Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Property Maintenance and Signs. These standards are used to measure the quality of new construction, the structural integrity of existing structures and sanitary conditions of buildings and exterior property areas.

Building Permit FeesAll building applications, fees and inspections are handled by Imperial Municipal Services.
Imperial Municipal Services

Plumbing, Mechanical, & Electrical PermitsFor Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical permits, fees, and questions please contact Montcalm County Building Department by calling (989) 831-7394.
* Inspections will be done on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

Building Forms & ApplicatioN

Planning & Zoning FeesPayment via cash, check or credit card can be taken in person at City Hall. Checks can be mailed with the application. Online Payments can also be made here.

Master Plan

The City of Greenville Master Plan has been prepared by the City Planning Commission under the provisions of the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Public Act 33 of 2008, as amended. The Planning Act authorizes municipalities to prepare and adopt a plan for the following purposes:

  • To promote the public health, safety, and general welfare;
  • To encourage the use of resources in accordance with their character and adaptability;
  • To avoid overcrowding of the land by buildings and people;
  • To lessen congestion on public roads and streets;
  • To facilitate a transportation system, sewage disposal, safe and adequate water supply, recreation and other public improvements; and,
  • To consider the character and suitability of land for particular uses.
2012 Master Plan
2021 Master Plan
Public Participation Plan



All marijuana applications must be delivered to City Hall at 411 S. Lafayette Street, Greenville, MI 48838.
A flash drive with all the required documents must also be submitted. 


Krissi Brott (616) 754-5645

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Building PERMITS
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