The City of Greenville Engineering Department is a one- person department responsible for many vital functions for the City


  • IconThe planning and design of public works projects; including field survey work.
  • The inspection and analysis of the condition of existing roads, sewers, and water main.
  • The collection and analysis of traffic data on the local street system.
  • Construction engineering including staking and inspection.
  • Implementation of the sidewalk program.
  • The generation and review of legal descriptions.
  • The management of various maps.
  • The implementation of future GIS capabilities.
  • Site plan review.
  • Issuing driveway, sewer and water tap permits.
  • Apply for and administer various grant projects.
  • Obtain permits and provide reports to various County, State and Federal agencies.
  • Respond to many inquiries by the public.

Engineering Forms, Applications, & Documents

Right of WayIcon

If you are working in the City right of way (generally between the sidewalk and the road), such as driveway approach work or sidewalk work, you must obtain a permit.  There is no cost for the permit, but it lets us know what you are doing and whether additional permits or requirements apply.

Sidewalk RepairSidewalkCity Ordinance 36-60 requires the sidewalks to be maintained by the owner of the adjacent property. In other words, if you have a sidewalk along the street across your yard, you are responsible for maintaining it in good condition. It is in the public right of way to give the public the right to use it. If you have sidewalks with joints uneven more than ½-inch, offset or gaped cracks, or badly pitted surfaces, you make necessary repairs. The City will be responsible for uneven walks only when tree roots of trees that are located in the right of way directly cause the unevenness.

If you observe faulty sidewalks, please email the Engineering Department.

Sidewalk ObstructionsTreeCity Ordinance 36-59 requires that sidewalks be kept clear of obstructions, which includes snow. If you have a sidewalk along the street across your yard, you are responsible for removing snow within 16 hours of snowfall and keeping tree branches and bushes from covering any part of the sidewalk. Generally, tree branches should be trimmed to 8 feet above the sidewalk surface.

If you observe an obstructed sidewalk, please email the Engineering Department.

New Sewer and / or Water ServiceThe appropriate fees can be determined from the Sewer/Water Connection Fee Schedule. You will also need to fill out a right of way permit application since most public utilities are in City streets and therefore you will also need to provide a street restoration fee. In addition, any digging in the street will require an insured excavator do the digging (who must also provide either a $1,000 performance bond or certified cashiers check in that amount).

Please contact the Engineering Department for verification of the required fees.

Sewer and / or Water Service RepairsIf you are having trouble with your house drains, it is a good idea to contact the Department of Public Services first to make sure that the main line is clear by emailing or calling (616) 754-5098.

Repairs to sewer services are the responsibility of the homeowner from the house to the main. On the other hand, repairs to the water service from the house to the curb stop, usually located near the sidewalk, is the homeowner's responsibility. Water service problems between the main and the curb stop will be repaired by the Greenville Water Department.

It is recommended that repairs be made by a licensed plumber, and always call Miss Dig at (800) 482-7171, three days before you do any digging.

If your repairs require you to be in City right of way, you will need to fill out a right of way permit application, have an insured excavator do the digging (who must also provide either a $1,000 performance bond or certified cashiers check in that amount) and pay the required street restoration fee. Excavating contractors should review the City of Greenville standard specifications for construction before beginning any work.


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