Event Parking

There are two parking areas available for athletes, spectators, and volunteers. One at Marvel Drive and one at Maplewood Drive. Athletes and spectators may use either parking area. Marvel Drive is a little closer to transition and will have a shuttle service available. We will continue to use the signs that we have used in the  past so the Marvel Drive site will be using the “Athlete Parking” signs on M-57 and the Maplewood Drive site will be using the “Spectator Parking” signs.
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Marvel Drive

The Marvel Drive location is near 925 Marvel Drive, which can be found by turning south onto Baldwin Street from M-57, then right at the stop sign at Judd St, and following the curve to the left onto Marvel Drive. Volunteers will direct perpendicular parking on the west curb line and will reserve the closest five spaces for barrier-free needs. Secondary parking is available on the grass of the Hops Farm, if needed, once parking reaches High Street or if anyone prefers that location. It is approximately 1/2 mile to the transition area.

Important Note: If you plan to LEAVE TRANSITION EARLY, before the conclusion of the race, DO NOT PARK IN THIS AREA!!!! We want to respect the efforts of all athletes, so participants or spectators will not be allowed to leave transition to this parking area until the last runner has cleared Marvel Drive.

Maplewood Drive

The Maplewood Drive location is near 803 S. Maplewood on the corner of Maplewood and Meijer Drive, behind the Meijer store. It can be easily found from M-57 by turning south at the light at the corner with the Meijer sign and McDonald’s and proceeding to the parking area. This parking area is a mowed grass vacant lot. Access to the lot is over the curb with the assistance of a ramp. Volunteers will direct parking. There is no shuttle service to this location and it is approximately 3/4 mile to the transition area. This is the same place that was used in 2021 for all parking.

Important Note: This parking area can be reached from transition without interfering with other racers. Therefore IF YOU PLAN TO LEAVE EARLY, PARK HERE!!!!

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