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AssessingNo documents

City ManagerNo documents

Clerk Department2 documents

  • Absentee Voter Ballots
    document Header Absentee Voter Ballots
  • Voter Registration Form
    document Header Voter Registration Form

Community CenterNo documents

Engineering Department9 documents

  • Driveway Work Permit
    document Header Driveway Work Permit
  • General Design Standards (Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers, Water Mains, and Roads)
    document Header General Design Standards (Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers, Water Mains, and Roads)
  • Right of Way Construction Application
    document Header Right of Way Construction Application
  • Services Agreement
    document Header Services Agreement
  • Sewer Water Connection Fees
    document Header Sewer Water Connection Fees
  • Site Plan Checklist
    document Header Site Plan Checklist
  • Standard Specification for Construction
    document Header Standard Specification for Construction
  • Street Restoration
    document Header Street Restoration
  • Utility Permit
    document Header Utility Permit

Building, Planning, & Zoning Department10 documents

  • Building Permit Application
    document Header Building Permit Application
  • Fee Schedule
    document Header Fee Schedule
  • Home Occupation Application
    document Header Home Occupation Application
  • Marijuana Application Packet
    document Header Marijuana Application Packet
  • Planning & Zoning Application
    document Header Planning & Zoning Application
  • Protective Covenants
    document Header Protective Covenants
  • Sign Permit
    document Header Sign Permit
  • Zoning Map
    document Header Zoning Map
  • Zoning Ordinance
    document Header Zoning Ordinance
  • Zoning Permit
    document Header Zoning Permit

Public Safety Department4 documents

  • Firearm Purchase
    document Header Firearm Purchase
  • FOIA Request Form for Public Safety
    document Header FOIA Request Form for Public Safety
  • Liquor License
    document Header Liquor License
  • Property Check Request
    document Header Property Check Request

Public Services Department1 document

  • Cross Connection Ordinance
    document Header Cross Connection Ordinance

Recreation DepartmentNo documents

Treasurer Department2 documents

  • Non-Resident Utility Information Sheet
    document Header Non-Resident Utility Information Sheet
    (Utility Information Sheet must have all areas completed in order to have utility service transferred or turned on for any non-resident)
  • Water Bill Loan Fund Application
    document Header Water Bill Loan Fund Application
    (Water Loan Form Not Accepted Electronically – Must Present Application in Person at Treasurer's Office)

Vendor Forms3 documents

  • ACH Form
    document Header ACH Form
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
    document Header Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  • Substitute W-9
    document Header Substitute W-9